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OI5EBEUR50 5-phase Reverse Osmosis with booster pump HYDRA-75P

5-phase Reverse Osmosis with booster pump HYDRA-75P for the production of water with a low salt content, free of viruses and chemical contaminants.

5-phase equipment: Filtration + UDF dechlorination + CTO dechlorination + booster pump + RO membrane (50 gpd) + inline GAC.

• Improves the quality of drinking water, reducing the content of salts, VOCs and THMs responsible for giving water a bad taste.
• Enhances the cooking of food, preserving the flavor and properties of the same.
• Coffees and teas retain all their flavour and aroma.
• Is suitable for watering plants and bonsais, steam irons and other household appliances in relation to which the quality and purity of water is important.
• The equipment is reliable, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

- 8.5L storage tank for osmotized water accumulation
- Includes chrome long faucet dispenser and accessories for assembly
- Reverse osmosis with booster pump for homes with low pressure < 3,5bar
- Production: 150 L/day
- Maximum salinity 2.500 mg/L
- Power supply 220-32V DC.

This equipment is compatible with the next cartridges: KIT3COI, KIT4COI, CILGAC, MOI50GPD, CILM y CILSF.

It is recommended to install Reverse Osmosis with booster pump when the pressure is lower than 3 bar.

Reference: OI5EBEUR50